Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chapter 8-Yoü and I

Mike knew that he was going to regret this but the smile on Danielle’s face was going to be priceless. Ovi was planning his and Danielle’s outfits as Mike drove home from a long day at the rink. Danielle had woke up and wasn’t feeling well and Mike went to his morning skate before the Caps played the Kings in an afternoon matinee at Verizon Center.

Mike wasn’t even sure if she had known that Lady Gaga was coming to town. He knew she had saw her three times before back in Pittsburgh, one of those being a few weeks before Mike had saw her at the game where he discovered she was pregnant. It was no secret that Danielle was a huge fan of the woman who called herself, “Mother Monster.”

Mike laughed as he pulled into the garage and thought about the time Ovi and Sasha came over to visit when Danielle first came down to DC before she made her decision to move permanently to be with Mike and they forced him to watch the DVD of Lady Gaga live at Madison Square Garden. Mike can remember the three of them yelling, “SILICON! SALINE! POISON! INJECT ME! BABY, I’M A FREE BITCH!!” Since then Danielle had made Mike watch the DVD repeatedly like she was a small child wanting to keep watching their favorite Wiggles movie.

Mike felt the tickets in his back pocket and smiled as he called out to Danielle when he entered the house through the side door. Sure enough, Danielle was sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream on her four and a half months pregnant stomach singing along with “Yoü and I,” a song that wasn’t new to him since Danielle sang it every single day. It was her favorite song and Mike knew that the song would mean a lot to both of them one day but he shook his head as he leaned down over Danielle and took the bowl causing her to punch him in the shoulder.

“OW,” he laughed taking a bite of the chocolate ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream.

“You douche bag, that’s my fucking ice cream.”

“Hello to you too,” he smirked as Danielle pouted and Mike held the bowl over her head licking his lips, but since Danielle was tall herself, she took the bowl from him and kicked his shin.

“What the hell has gotten into you?”

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to take a pregnant woman’s ice cream?”

Mike laughed and sat down on the couch next to her.

"I don't remember telling you could that you could sit down next to me."

"Well, excuse me; can I sit down next to you?"

"You're a douche bag!"

Mike laughed and pulled the envelope from his back pocket.

"What douche bag would get these for you?"

"OH MY GOD," Danielle shrieked, "MIKE, YOU DIDN'T!"

"No, I didn't," he replied, "We got some free tickets, Ovi and Sasha are going to. Nicky is begging Kristi to go since she wants no parts of it."

"I can't believe we're going," Danielle shrieked climbing over Mike. She sat on his lap, straddling him.

Mike swallowed hard as Danielle leaned down to give him a kiss.

"Thank you," she whispered moving her lips to his neck.

"Danielle," he gasped, "Stop."

Their relationship was still new and even though Danielle was pregnant, Mike didn't want to rush into anything.

"But Mike, I'm horny."

Mike laughed and wrapped his arms around her waist, "God, I know, so am I and I really want to do this…but not yet."

Danielle decided to change the subject and quickly mentioned Mike’s mom, Kate calling while he was at practice, "When were you planning on telling me that your parents were coming to visit? Your mom called today and said that they're landing at one, so you would know what time to pick them up from the airport."

"It was supposed to be a surprise but yeah, they're coming. They were supposed to be here last week but my mom had to work."

"I wish you would have told me that so I could go grocery shopping to make dinner for them their first night here."

“My brother and sister are coming too.”

“I never knew you had a brother and a sister.”

“Not many people know that I do, I keep a lot of stuff private. For example, when Landon is born, we aren’t going to post any pictures or anything at first. I don’t want huge attention drawn to it because people will make up their own stories about everything.”

“They already did and I’m pretty sure the nurse at the doctor’s office last week tried to get us to admit the truth so she could sell the story to the media.”

“People are going to say a lot of stuff about you, I know you know that but just know that no matter what, I’m going to be here for you.”

“I know,” Danielle smiled as Mike hugged her closer to him.

“Are you feeling better,” he asked kissing her forehead.

“A little bit,” she replied nuzzling her face into Mike’s neck.

“Want to go to dinner tonight?”

“That’d be nice,” Danielle said looking up and kissing his jaw.

“I’m sorry that we can’t spend more time together. I always feel bad for leaving you by yourself so much.”

“I love being alone sometimes, in Pittsburgh; I stayed in my room sometimes just to have peace and clear my head.”

“Do you have any favorite restaurants here yet? I know that you and Kiley eat out a lot when Brooks and I are on the road.”

“That place down on Wilson Boulevard is to die for. It’s called Village Bistro.”

“Go get dressed, we’ll go.”

“I am dressed,” Danielle whined.

“I’ve been to that place before and I don’t think sweatpants and a hoodie is in the dress code.”

“You’re no fun,” she replied sticking out her tongue before giving him a kiss on the cheek when she stood up to go get changed.

“Take a shower too, you stink,” Mike joked.

“Suck my dick!”

Mike laughed as Danielle walked down the hall towards the guest bedroom that would be where his parents would staying tomorrow. Mike’s brother and sister were coming as well and they each had their own room.

“Dani,” he said walking into the bedroom, “I have to talk to you about something,”

“What,” she asked coming out of the bathroom fastening a gold hoop earring. She had bought maternity clothes and Mike loved the coral colored hooded long sleeved tunic top she was wearing with boot cut jeans and her hair was in a pony tail.

“You look great,” he smiled as she looked at her reflection in the mirror attached to the dresser.

“Thank you!”

“I have something to tell you and please, don’t kill me.”

“You’re kicking me out?”

“God, no,” Mike laughed, “But I thought that I should let you know that my parents are going to be sleeping in your room when they come.”

“That’s fine; I’ll sleep on the couch. It’s no problem, it’s better for my back at night anyways.”

“You’re not sleeping on the couch.”

“Then where am I going to sleep?”

“In my room with me and I’m not taking no for an answer. We’re both adults, and if I’m not mistaken, we’re having a baby together. It’s not like we’ve never slept in the same bed before, I mean when we first had sex, we slept in the same bed. Then you fell asleep two nights in a row in my room and didn’t have a problem with it.”

“Stop blabbering, God, you are worse than a teenage boy seeing boobs for a first time. I’ll sleep with you but I want to be the little spoon,” Danielle smirked.

“I can handle that,” Mike said as Danielle pulled on her boots.

“Did you see we’re supposed to get like two feet of snow tomorrow night into Thursday morning?”

“We’re going to get it, we get it every year.”

“Yay! Snow day,” Danielle said excitedly while clapping her hands

“Really,” Mike said smiling, “You are worse than a five year old.”

“When’s the concert?”

“Next weekend!”

“I’m so excited!”

“I know you are, I know how much you love her and I figured you needed some time out of the house so I got the tickets. Alex is making your outfit.”

“I love dressing for her concerts, it’s amazing.”

“Just don’t go overboard.”

“There is no such thing as overboard at a Lady Gaga concert. Speaking of which, you are totally wearing eyeliner because you are fucking sexy with it.”

“Thanks, I guess,” Mike laughed.

“I wonder what Alex has up his sleeves,” Danielle said.

“I wish I could tell you but I honestly don’t know, are you ready to go? I’m pretty hungry!”

“Yep, let’s go,” she replied grabbing her coat from the bed.

“Here, let me help you.”

Mike grabbed the coat from Danielle and held it open as she slid her arms into the sleeves. Mike handed her the scarf from the dresser and the matching hat.

“You’re having a baby with a Capital and you steal wear your Pens stuff,” he smiled while shaking his head in disbelief.

“Hey, just because you’re my son’s father doesn’t mean I’m turning to the dark side. Loyalties lie, Greene.”

“We’ll just have to change that.”

“Mhm, we’ll see about that,” Danielle smirked blowing him a kiss before heading out of the room. Mike grabbed his coat from the chair in the living room and grabbed the keys to the Escalade. Taking Danielle’s hand in his, he lead her outside.

They drove talking about their plans for the baby’s room which they both wanted a hockey themed nursery. Danielle saw a design in a magazine that she liked and Mike said he’d hire someone to help them work on it. The walls were going to be sky blue and on one wall was going to be a hockey rink mural complete with a jersey on one wall bearing Landon’s name and Mike’s number.

They pulled into the restaurant and were seated at a booth in the back where they discussed the plans for what they were going to do with Mike’s family during the week. Mike said they could take them sightseeing in the city if the weather allowed when he had off days, as well as going to the five game home stand that the Caps had coming up before they headed out on the road for the week.
When they came back home, Danielle helped Mike clean the house a little bit. They washed the sheets on the beds in the guest rooms and moved all of Danielle’s things into Mike’s room. Mike had more than enough room in his closet and he was more than happy to help Danielle hang her clothes next to his. For the first time in a long time, Mike finally felt like he was getting the family of his own that he always wanted but never thought he’d have.

It was close to midnight when they finished everything up and Mike headed to bed because he had practice and early at eight am. Danielle went online for a little while and ordered things for Landon’s room and a couple of outfits from Carter’s that she thought were cute.

She put the laptop on Mike’s nightstand and turned the lamp off before she curled up and tried to sleep. Mike reached out and put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him, “Goodnight,” he whispered sleepily kissing her cheek lightly.

“Goodnight,” she replied shutting her eyes and she soon fell asleep.

Danielle woke up the next day to an empty bed but for the first time in a long time, she got a good night’s sleep. Mike left her a note in the kitchen letting her know what time he would be home and that when he returned, he’d have his family with him.

Danielle made herself something to eat before she took a shower and got dressed for the day. She looked in the cabinet and found a box of cake mix and a can of icing and decided to busy herself by making a cake for Mike’s family. Mike said she wasn’t allowed to cook while they were here but he never said she couldn’t bake.

Danielle set the time on the oven and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. When she was done, the cake was finished and she just had to let it cool before she put the chocolate icing on it. She was finishing up washing the cake pan when she heard the door open and saw Mike come in carrying a suitcase followed by two women and two men.

“Hey,” Mike said walking into the kitchen, “What’d you make, it smells good?”

“I made a chocolate cake, I wanted your family to have something to eat and well since you wouldn’t let me cook them anything, I baked.”

“Looks great,” he replied giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Mike, she’s even more beautiful than you described,” Kate said walking into the kitchen, “You must be Danielle,” she said hugging her.

“It’s nice to meet you,” she replied smiling, “I’ve heard wonderful things about you.”

“Look at you,” Kate gushed, “You’re glowing.”

Danielle smiled and Mike put his arm around her waist, “Michael, you look so happy,” Kate gushed again, “My first grandbaby, I’m so excited.”

“My dad, my brother, and my sister are in the living room,” Mike said, “Want to meet them?”

“No, I think I’ll ignore them the entire time they’re here. Of course, I want to meet them,” Danielle joked elbowing Mike in the stomach.

“I like her,” Kate laughed as they walked into the living room.

“Everybody, this is Danielle,” Mike said, “Danielle, that’s my dad, Dave; my sister, Megan; and my brother, Matt.”

“It’s nice to meet all of you,” Danielle replied shaking their hands.

“I still can’t believe my little brother knocked someone up,” Matt said causing Kate to slap him behind his head.

“Language, Matthew,” she scolded.

“I finally have someone to go shopping with,” Megan said, “You have no idea what it was like growing up with two brothers.”

Danielle laughed before they all fell into conversations about where they wanted to go for dinner, Mike looked at Danielle talking and laughing with his family when he went to get something to drink in the kitchen. He never saw his family warm up to any of his girlfriends the way they warmed up to Danielle.

Kate and his ex-girlfriend butted heads about everything and they never got along. His sister hated her and his brother said she saw her flirting with one of Mike’s old teammates from back home but Mike ignored them and sure enough, he came home from a road trip and caught her in bed with her doctor.

Danielle looked up and made eye contact with Mike and he felt like it was déjà vu, she had done that when he first met her family and was talking with her uncles at her house. Mike smiled back and headed back into the living room. He couldn’t help but smile at the thought that the next time they were all together, his baby boy would be in his arms.


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