Friday, June 3, 2011

Chapter 6-Closer

"That was good," Mike said as he and Danielle walked out of the fancy restaurant on the South Side of the city, "Definitely worth the money."

"It was my first time here," she replied shyly, "Definitely coming back."

"When we come to visit after the baby's born, we'll rent the place out and have a family get together."

"You've met my family, so when do I get to meet yours?"

"They'll come to visit, don't worry," Mike replied smiling taking Danielle's hand in his as they walked to his SUV two streets over.

"I may get to meet them if I don't freeze to death walking."

"It's a lot colder here than I thought it would be."

"No shit, Sherlock, this ain't Florida."

"You're a smartass!"

"...and you're an idiot," Danielle smirked causing Mike to roll his eyes as they finally reached his car.

"Where are we going now," he asked opening the door for her.

"Just get in, I'll tell you which way to go."

"Should I be scared? Are you going to murder me or something?"

"I used to want to murder you but when I found out you weren't the douche everybody thinks you are, I changed my mind."

"It really bothers me that people think that, I'm nothing like that."

"I know," Danielle replied patting his thigh, "But what matters is I know you're nothing like that."

"Where exactly are you taking me?"

"Have you ever seen the city skyline at night?"

"I can't say that I have."

"Turn left at the light," Danielle instructed as the light turned green.

Mike went up the long hill and looked at Danielle questioningly as they entered a residential area.

"Now where?"

"Make a right and look for a parking space when you see the city come into view again."

Mike made the turn and as the city skyline appeared, he pulled into a vacant parking space. Danielle unfastened her seatbelt and waited for Mike to lock it.

Danielle took his hand and led him over to the railing that over looked the city skyline from high up on the other side of the river.

"Wow," Mike said putting his arm around her waist, "It's beautiful."

"I'm going to miss this," she sighed, "It's going to be so hard leaving."

"We'll come back to visit as often as we can, I promise. I know it's going to be hard for you but we'll spend the summer here if you want."

"I never thought I'd leave this place."

Mike smiled reaching into his pocket to pull out his phone, "Come on, let's take a picture."

"Okay," Danielle agreed looking at Mike and noticing how adorable he looked wearing his glasses.

Mike pulled her close, putting his arm around her waist hugging her to him. Danielle wrapped her arms around him and smiled as Mike put his cheek next to hers and took the picture with his free hand.

"Let me see it," she said and Mike showed it to her, "Aw, I like it. Can you send it to me?"

"Would you mind if I posted this on my Twitter account," Mike asked.

Danielle looked up from her phone after saving the picture with wide eyes, "What?"

"It's only a matter of time before people find out about us, I just want to do it the right way before people make up their own stories."

"I just don't want people to think I'm a slut."

"You're not a slut," Mike replied, "As far as people know, I'm single but I can always say I kept you a secret because I didn't want you in the spotlight since I wanted my personal life private."

Danielle didn't say anything as she put her hands on the railing, staring out into the night at the lit up skyline. Mike put his hand over hers, "Do you trust me," he asked.

Danielle closed her eyes causing him to sigh, "Look at me," he said lifting her chin, "I promise everything will be okay, of course people are going to make up their own stories but you'll grow used to it. You're not alone in this, I'm here for you."

"I know," she replied and Mike gave her a kiss.

"We need to work on telling each other our fears if this relationship is going to work."

"Calm down, Romeo. We've only been on one date," Danielle joked causing Mike to laugh.

"Make it two," he smiled, "Did you forget about New Years already?"

"That doesn't count because it was a team thing."

"We kissed that night didn't we? I think it was a date since kissing was involved."

"You're weird!"

"I'm not weird; I just have a wild imagination."

"What are you, four years old?"

"Bite me," Mike said as they continued to taunt each other, "Can I post the picture?"

"Go ahead; just make sure you mention me."

"What's your mention? I didn't even know you have a Twitter."

"Who doesn't have a twitter?"

"Brooks doesn't."

"Well, he's a reject then."

"I'm pretty sure Kiley would monitor it like a hawk."

"I'm going to monitor yours; I don't need any puck bunnies trying to steal my baby daddy."

"You are not on Maury, don't ever talk ghetto again."

"Whatever, wannabe bad boy!"

"I am a bad boy," Mike argued.

"You are not, just because you play hockey, have fast sports cars, a sleeve tattoo, and emo glasses does not make you a bad boy. You're so mannerly, it's sick."

"Excuse my mom for raising me right," Mike laughed.

"Point proven, you're a momma's boy too," Danielle replied sticking her tongue out.

Mike leaned forward and captured Danielle's lips with his. Her hands slowly slid up the black winter coat he was wearing as he swiped his tongue over her bottom lip. Danielle gasped and he took it as an opportunity to slide his tongue in her mouth.

As they kissed, Mike felt his phone vibrate. He knew people were tweeting him about the picture but he didn't care. Danielle pulled away for air and Mike placed his forehead against hers.

"Don't ever stick your tongue out at me unless you plan on using it," he smirked starting the car to drive them home as the snow started to fall.

Danielle smiled and put her head back against the seat. She was tired from being up all night sick, "I've changed my mind," she said as they drove over the bridge back into the city.

"About what?"

"Let's go to Seven Springs with my parents, I could use a night in the hot tub."

"Sounds good to me, already have the bags in the back."

"You sneaky bastard, you planned this."

"No, I didn't. I did have a feeling that you would change your mind, so while you were taking a bath earlier, I packed your bag and mine."

"Such a sneak!"

Mike laughed as Danielle directed him how to get to the ski resort. An hour and a half later, they pulled into the parking lot of the mountain resort.

"Where do we go now?"

"I have a pretty good idea of where to go, but I’ll call my dad to come get meet us that way we don’t get lost in the woods on the way.”

Danielle called her dad and he said he’d be there shortly and to just wait since the snow was coming down thicker in the mountains, “I’m fucking freezing,” she complained wrapping her arms around herself.
Mike moved closer to her, putting his arm around her and hugging her to him running his hands up and down her arms, “Better?”

“A little bit, thank you.”

Mike just smiled as he opened his coat and pulled her to his chest wrapping the coat around the both of them, “This is nice and warm,” Danielle said as Dan pulled in.

“You guys may want to follow me just down the road to the back of the resort,” he said, “We better go now before it gets to icy. The plows are coming out in the morning.”

Mike let Danielle go and she pouted before getting back into the car as Mike revved the engine to life and followed her dad down the icy mountain road.

“The cabin next to us is empty; it was part of our rental. You guys can use that one if you want.”

Danielle breezed by Mike, taking the key from Dan’s hand and ran up the steps to the cabin.

“You two feel free to chat but I’m cold and I’m starting the fire before I turn into a snowman,” she said as she shut the door to the cabin.

Once she was inside, Dan turned to Mike who looked uneasy suddenly alone with the girl he knocked up’s father, “I take it that you two talked everything out.”

“We did,” Mike replied, “We actually went on a date tonight and agreed that we would try labeling ourselves as something other than what we were, I don’t even know what we were. Two strangers having a kid, I guess.”

“Just don’t hurt her,” Dan warned, “I can tell you have a good head on your shoulders and you make a fine living for yourself and I know you’ll take care of her but I’m just being a dad who doesn’t want to let my daughter go.”

“I promise I’m going to take great care of her, she’ll be safe with me.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” he said sticking his hand out for Mike to shake, “Do you need any help with the bags?”

“Nope, I put all of our stuff in my bag, I’m good. Thanks for the offer.”

“No problem, I’m going to head in and get some sleep. Want to meet for breakfast in the morning?”

“That’d be good,” Mike replied smiling, “I’ll let Danielle know.”

“Goodnight, son,” Dan said walking into the cabin that he and Shelley were sharing. Mike opened the back of the SUV and grabbed the duffle bag that he had packed for both he and Danielle and he headed into the cabin.

Danielle was sitting on the couch with a mug of hot tea. Mike knew it was tea because there was a string hanging out the side of the mug.

“I packed you a swimsuit, want to go sit in the hot tub for a little bit?”

“But I’m warm already,” Danielle whined, “It’s freezing out there.”

“Don’t be such a baby,” Mike joked, “We’ll come right in and sit by the fireplace if you want. You said it yourself that you wanted to relax in the jacuzzi.”

“You’re just trying to get me naked.”

“I am not!”

“Whatever, Green. See, I told you that I saw right through you.”

“Whatever,” Mike said rolling his eyes smiling, “Just go change.”

Mike put the bag on the couch and reached into the side pocket and handed Danielle the bikini that he found in her dresser. It was the one she had on in the picture he had seen the day before and he was determined to see her in it himself.

“There’s no way in hell that I am wearing this thing,” she said breaking Mike out of his trance, “I’m fucking fat because I’m pregnant and wearing this is going to make me feel like a blimp.”

“Well, it’s all I could find in your room so you’re wearing it. Who gives a fuck if you’re pregnant? It’s my kid anyways and it’s not like someone is going to see us, just do it besides you’re beautiful.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re my kid’s father.”

“I’m saying that because it’s true,” Mike said cupping her cheek in his hand, “I’m taking the words out of Hannan’s mouth when I tell you that you being pregnant with my child is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Danielle closed her eyes and Mike wrapped his arms around her leaning down to give her a kiss, “What scares me is how close we have become in such a short amount of time, it’s almost like everything is too good to be true.”

“Just wait until we get to DC, I’m going to treat you like a princess.”

“We’re not even together officially.”

“A couple more dates and we will be now can you please go put your swimsuit on before I sweat to death indoors with all of my layers on.”

Danielle smiled and freed herself before going walking up the stairs to the bathroom to change, “Mike,” she called down the steps, “There’s only one room and it has one bed.”

“I’ll sleep on the couch,” he replied, “Don’t worry about it, it’s no big deal.”

Mike took off his coat and put it on the wicker chair in the small living room of the cabin. His boots had been discarded at the door and Mike was taking his shirt off to strip down to his boxers since he left his swim trunks in DC when he heard Danielle catcall behind him.

Turning around, Mike smirked as she stared at him, “If you take a picture, it’ll last longer,” he said causing Danielle to roll her eyes.

“I’ve seen countless pictures of you shirtless and you with a wife-beater on, trust me I’m immune to it by now, however, the underwear definitely may need a picture taken.”

“You’re such a whore,” Mike replied sticking his tongue out at her.

“Don’t make me do what you did to me earlier when I stuck mine out, keep taunting me Green and you will see that I’m not as innocent as I look. You don’t know the half of what I can do with my tongue.”

Mike gulped and Danielle laughed as she walked out of the side door of the cabin where the hot tub was located. She slowly eased her way in and shut her eyes letting the hot water relax her aching pregnant body. The snow was falling down and Danielle opened her eyes watching it fall off the porch. She wished the roof wasn’t over her head so she could look up at the night sky and watch it fall.

Danielle felt the water shift and when she turned her head, she saw Mike sitting next to her, “What are you thinking about,” he asked.

“Nothing really,” she replied honestly, “Just wishing the roof wasn’t here so I could watch the snow fall as the stars glisten.”

Mike smiled and Danielle laid her head back closing her eyes enjoying his company and the jets massaging her back. Mike watched her for a while before he too let his head fall back letting the water massage his aching joints. He made a mental note to invest in a hot tub if he ever moved out of his condo but right now his bathtub with the jacuzzi jets would have to do.

Danielle started snoring lightly and Mike gently shook her awake, “Come on Danielle, you fell asleep. Let’s get you to bed.”

She nodded her head slowly and let Mike help her out of hot tub. Mike wrapped a robe around her and lifted her up, carrying her into the house. Mike placed her down gently on the bed before going over to his duffle bag to hand her one of his sweatshirts. Danielle lifted her arms for him to put it on her. Mike took the robe from the bed and tossed it to the floor before sliding the sweatshirt over her.

“Goodnight, Danielle,” he whispered as she laid back and closed her eyes. Mike was putting the blanket over her when she moved over and pulled him in bed next to her.

Mike didn’t bother to argue, he was just as tired as she was and didn’t bother to tell her no. Over the past couple of days, the more time he spent with her, the more he liked her. He never got this close to a woman before, the more he thought about it, the more he began to realize that maybe Danielle was brought into his life for a reason and the closer he got to her, the more he realized that everything happens for a reason and Danielle was here to stay.

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