Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chapter 7-Red, white, and baby blue

"I promise, I'll be there as soon as I can," Mike reassured Danielle who was screaming at him for not taking her to her doctor's appointment.

"Mike, we find out the sex of the baby today besides, it's your first appointment, I fucking expected you to be here."

"Dani, baby, calm down."

"Fuck you, Mike Green. I am not calming myself down."

Mike laughed on the other end of the phone, "Go ahead and laugh, it's not funny, you fucking asshole."

"It's not my fault our plane had layover because of a mechanical issue."

"I hate you!"

Mike just laughed again, half at Danielle's hormones and half at Brooks arguing with his girlfriend, Kiley over not being able to make dinner with her parents. Danielle had been in DC for 3 weeks now and she was still getting used to everything.

Mike was adjusting to having someone living with him too. Danielle stayed in the guest room; their relationship was still new to them. The only date they've been on was when they were in Pittsburgh and Mike knew they needed to start spending more time together.

When Danielle first arrived in DC to stay permanently, the Capitals were getting ready for their road trip to the West and she had gotten to know Brooks' fiancée Kiley. They two became inseparable much to Mike and Brooks' dismay.

Danielle and Kiley tag teamed the guys each day. They loved picking on the hockey players, sometimes even Ovi joined in on the fun.

"I have to go, Kiley is beeping in. Hurry it the fuck up and get here or I'm cutting your balls off and roasting them in the fireplace."

Mike cringed but smirked as he said goodbye and hung up.

"Is Danielle going all fucking psycho on you too?"

"It's her hormones."

"Hormones my fucking ass," Brooks said, "Women are fucking psycho."

“Kiley has you so fucking whipped.”

“I’m not whipped, I love her.”

Mike couldn’t help but laugh, “Dude, you sound like a total fucking chick.”

“You can honestly look at me and tell me that Danielle isn’t changing you,” Brooks began, “You fucking rearranged your life to fit a girl in it that you didn’t know at all and suddenly she’s pregnant and she’s everything you’ve ever wanted.”

Mike sat in the terminal not saying anything when Brooks’ phone rang again, “FUCKING PSYCHOTIC, BITCH!”

“I HEARD THAT ASSHOLE,” Mike heard Kiley shout and he laughed before texting Danielle.

Mike made a whipping noise and Brooks flipped him off, “Fuck you,” he spat.

“FUCK ME,” Kiley shouted, “Brooks, you are digging yourself into a huge fucking hole right now.”

“Babe, I was talking to Mike.”

Kiley was now on speaker and Mike was laughing at her cussing Brooks out, “I will cut your balls off, Brooks, not even kidding.”

“Danielle just threatened to cut mine off and roast them in the fireplace.”

Brooks muted the phone, “They’re violent fucking bitches, we are so going out for drinks tonight because I need to get the hell out of the house.”

“We were just away for 2 weeks; you can at least go home for one night.”

“Fuck that,” Brooks said, “I need to go away for 2 weeks again.”

Mike just rolled his eyes as Bruce announced that they could board the plane again. Brooks ended his phone call and gladly shut his phone off as they headed down the ramp towards the plane.

Mike texted Danielle letting her know they were on their way home. Mike sped the whole way to the doctor’s office, he was sure that if he was pulled over, he could bribe the cops with tickets and VIP treatment for a game.

Mike pulled in next to Kiley’s Range Rover that Brooks had bought her for his birthday, “What a pussy,” he mumbled smiling at the car as he locked the Lamborghini and walked into the office building.

The nurse at the window smiled when she saw Mike, “Miss James is in the first room to the left, go ahead back.”

“Thank you,” Mike smiled walking back to the room.

Danielle was sitting on the table and Kiley was sitting in the chair next to her reading a Cosmo when Mike walked in.

“It’s about you showed up,” Kiley huffed, “I was beginning maybe to think I was you dressed in drag.”

“Bite me!”

“Real mature, asshole,” she replied standing up, “Danielle, I’m going to go castrate Brooks. Call me later and we’ll do dinner or something.”

“Brooks and I included,” Mike asked.

“Since it’s a girl’s night and both you and Brooks are about to be flat in the front like a Ken doll, then yeah you can come.”

“Fuck you, Kiley.”

Danielle laughed and held her hand out to Mike who took it and walked closer to her occupying the chair that Kiley had just vacated. Mike sat down and Danielle turned her head towards him, Mike leaned closer and gave her a kiss.

“You two make me sick, I’m out of here,” she said smirking before leaving the room and shutting the door behind her.

“I missed you,” Danielle said and Mike put his forehead to hers.

“I missed you too, how’s the baby,” he said putting his hand on her bump that was now noticeable.

“We’ll find out today if he ever comes back in, I made him wait until you got here. Luckily, he had a cancellation.”

Mike chuckled as the door opened and the doctor walked in, “Good to see you again, Mr. Green,” Dr. Thompson said sticking out his hand, “Miss James insisted we wait until you got here, congrats on the clean sweep of the West.”

“Thanks,” Mike smiled.

“Miss James, are you ready to see your baby?”

“We are,” Danielle smiled and Mike took her hand in his as the nurse walked in with the sonogram machine.

Danielle lifted her shirt and Mike rubbed her stomach before smiling as the nurse came over and put the gel on her stomach. Danielle shivered at the cold and Mike ran his hands through her hair.

“How long have you two been together,” the nurse asked smiling at the gesture before the doctor ran the tool over Danielle’s belly.

“Almost two months,” Mike replied.

“Wow! I never would have guessed,” the middle aged nurse replied, “You two seem so comfortable with each other.”

Mike could tell she was pushing for information about how Danielle was four months pregnant and they were only together for two months, so he made up that they were best friends who decided to have a baby together before they both realized they wanted more. Danielle tried not to laugh at the soap opera Mike was creating.

Silence fell upon the room as the sound of a heartbeat filled the air. Mike squeezed Danielle’s hand as the image of their baby popped up on the screen.

“They’re waving,” Dr. Thompson said as the baby moved its hand and the heartbeat continued to fill the air.

“Can we find out what we’re having?”

“The fetus is in the perfect position, so we should be able to tell.”

The doctor moved the ball on Danielle’s stomach and sure enough the baby’s body part appeared on the screen, Mike immediately knew what it was and he started smiling like he had just won the Stanley Cup.

“Well, it looks like you two are having a baby boy.”

Danielle’s eyes welled up with tears, she prayed it was a boy since the last couple of generations were girls.

“Is Landon Michael good for you,” Mike whispered and Danielle nodded her head. She was in love with the name the minute Mike had told her the names he had picked out when they had their first conversation on the phone.

“Miss James, schedule an appointment for next month and we’ll see you then. Good luck to both of you and keep up the great play, Mr. Green.”

“Thank you,” Mike replied shaking Dr. Thompson’s hand.

“We’re having a boy,” Danielle said as they walked out of the office, “I have to call my mom and tell her.”

Mike smiled while pulling out his cell phone to call his mom as well, “Okay, we’ll both call our moms then we’ll call the guys.”

“Okay,” Danielle smiled.

Ever since the picture of the two of them surfaced on Mike’s twitter page, the cyber world was in an uproar. Countless lies had been spread about Danielle but as soon as something was posted, Mike had it taken down and he protected Danielle from the criticism and harsh words. Mike was tweeting his excitement and he didn’t care what anyone said about him or Danielle.

“Looks like we’re painting the town red, white, and baby blue…it’s a boy. Danielle and I thank you both for the support,”
he tweeted and he knew he was sure to get countless replies but he didn’t care.

As they hung up with their ecstatic mothers who were begging for each other’s phone numbers to plan for their first grandchild’s arrival, they laughed as they headed back to their house. Danielle took a hot shower while Mike opened his 2 weeks’ worth of mail that she put in one of the kitchen drawers.

Mike got a call from Brooks asking if he and Danielle wanted to meet him and Kiley for dinner. Mike agreed and told Danielle through the bathroom door. Dinner went by without a hitch as the men feared for their lives and their private parts.

“You two should not be friends,” Brooks said, “You two are bitches when you two are together.”

“Want to sleep on the couch tonight,” Kiley asked and Brooks immediately shut his mouth, “That’s what I thought.”

Mike made a whipping noise and Brooks glared at him, “Whatever Greener, you’re getting close to it. By the way, you two never told us, am I going to have to help you beat the boys away Mikey or am I going to teach another man how to get the ladies.”

“Keep digging that hole, Brooks,” Danielle laughed as Kiley glared at her fiancé.

“We’re having a boy,” Mike gushed and Kiley shrieked.

“Hell yeah,” Brooks said fist bumping him from across the table, “That’s what I’m talking about, we got another future NHLer on our hands.”

“Relax there, Brooksy,” Mike said, “Landon’s not even here yet.”

“Oh my God, you have a name picked already,” Kiley shrieked again.

“We’ve had it picked for a while, from our first conversation on the phone if you want to be technical about it,” Danielle said, “Mike thought of the names and I have always liked Landon for a boy’s name, so we’re going to name him Landon Michael Green.”

“That is too precious.”

Dinner ended which sent both Mike and Danielle home. They were both exhausted from their days, Danielle from being worried about Mike all night to Mike being jetlagged and they both needed to catch up on sleep.

“Want to watch a movie,” Mike asked, “Or do you just want to go to bed?”

“Movie’s good,” Danielle smiled, “Just let me go get changed.”

“Sounds good, meet me in my room,” he replied smiling and kissing her cheek.

Danielle changed into a pair or pajama pants and a sweatshirt before she walked down the hall to Mike’s room. Mike had the news on while he looked through his Netflix rentals on his MacBook for a movie to watch.

“Looks like we’re getting more snow,” Danielle said sitting down on Mike’s bed, “I can’t wait to experience snow down here since I know you guys get slammed worse than we did in Pittsburgh.”

“Virginia winters are a bitch,” Mike smiled before settling on the Hangover 2.

“I didn’t even know this was on DVD yet.”

“Just came out today,” Mike said hooking the computer up to his TV before he crawled in bed next to Danielle, “Scoot over.”

She moved over and laid her head down on the pillow before Mike put his arm around her and she put her head on his chest as the film began. The movie barely started and Mike heard light snores coming from Danielle.

Turning off the TV, Mike pulled the blankets over them and immediately fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. They needed all the rest they could get before the baby arrived and they were up all night.

Everything seemed to be falling into place and Mike couldn’t wait for Danielle to meet his family who were surprising her by arriving the next day, Mike just hoped she didn’t freak out when she woke up in the morning and realized she had no choice but to sleep with him.

Mike chuckled at the thought as he shut his eyes and dreamed of teaching his son how to skate while Danielle watched him be the father he never thought he would be.


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