Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chapter 9-The Edge of Glory

Danielle gently traced the tattoo on Mike's left arm with her finger, "Why are you so fascinated with this," he asked smiling as he rolled over to face her.

"Shit," she muttered, "I had no idea that you were up."

"I've been up for about an hour now. Have you looked out the window at all?"

"No, I just woke up a little bit ago, why?"

"We're snowed in; luckily we are one of the few people that have power."

"How much snow is out there?"

"Almost three feet!"

"I'm used to it; however, I'm not used to having power."

Mike laughed before leaning down to give her a kiss, "Good morning," he said and Danielle smiled.

"Well, since we can't take your parents out today, I'll cook dinner and we'll figure out what else we can do. I say we build hockey playing snowmen."

"How old are you," Mike laughed.

"I'm 21 going on 4!"

"I kind of figured that," he said and Danielle punched him in the arm.

"Speak for yourself; you're the one with the scooter!"

“Touché,” Mike smiled pulling her close to him, “So, while we have nothing to do today and since I bought paint yesterday, how about we start painting Landon’s room?”

“I’m sure your parents won’t be okay with us kicking them out to paint.”

“My mom already helped my dad and brother rearrange the other guest room with a double bed and she moved everything out of it.”

“I was so worried that they were going to hate me, especially because we barely knew each other when I moved here and we jumped into a relationship. I could have been some gold digging psycho who was after you for your money.”

Mike turned Danielle’s face towards him and made her look him in the eyes, “We didn’t jump into anything, we got to know each other and we became friends. You’re different in so many ways than all of those other girls that I’ve dated. You’re having my baby too and that’s what makes me want to be with you even more, I’ve said it before, you’re not going nowhere for a long time.”

Danielle hugged him tightly and Mike kissed her forehead, “I don’t deserve you.”

Mike held her tight to his chest for a while before Megan walked in, “Hey guys, mom made breakfast.”

“We’ll be down in a minute,” Mike replied and his sister smiled before leaving him and Danielle alone.

“Can I just lay in bed all day?”

“Nope, you got to get up.”

“Your son is wearing me out!”

Mike smiled at “your son” and scooped Danielle up and carried her in the bathroom. Placing her in the bathtub, he turned on the hot water and smirked when she yelled in protest, “Oh look, you’re out of bed.”

“I’m going to kill you,” she hissed as she pulled her sweatshirt over her head, “You’re doing the laundry by the way.”

Mike just rolled his eyes while smirking and shut the door behind him as he went to shower in the room that was going to be Landon’s.

Mike walked in the room and saw the empty space and the crib that was now in the middle of the floor. He had purchased a crib the day before and Danielle didn’t know. Mike decided to lock himself in the room with his father and brother putting it together before he allowed Danielle to enter. He had also bought a dresser and everything Danielle said that they needed.

Mike made sure that his mom and sister were with Kiley out doing whatever it is women do when they go to a mall: shop, eat, gossip, etc. while he himself along with Brooks, his brother Matt, and his dad went looking for the stuff that Danielle had picked out.

Mike loaded everything into his Escalade and Brooks’ truck and they carried it into the room while the women were still out. Mike wouldn’t allow Danielle anywhere near the room until he decided to paint and the painting had to come after the furniture was put together.

Mike sighed and smiled to himself as he let the hot water run down his back. It was cold in the house which meant the heat was probably off since his mom was constantly complaining that she was hot. Mike closed his eyes and imagined what his son would look like.

“I’m turning into a chick,” he whispered shaking the thoughts from his head. Mike finished his shower and changed into one of his Capitals sweat suits.

Mike walked into the hall and saw Danielle was already one of the stools eating with Megan and Matt. His mom and dad were in the living room watching the weatherman go on and on about the snow.

“Still want to build those hockey playing snowmen,” he asked when the middle aged meteorologist said that it was zero degrees outside.

“I’ll put you out there with a hockey stick covered in snow if you keep making fun of me,” Danielle fired back causing the Green family to laugh.

“Yeah, yeah,” Mike said sitting down next to her at the counter. Mike pretended he was trying to steal some of Danielle’s eggs and he got a fork in his ribs, “Great, now you try to kill me.”

“Mhm, you’re worth more dead than you are alive amongst us Pens fans,” Danielle smirked.

“Whatever,” he replied cockily smirking causing her to roll her eyes.

Danielle helped Kate and Megan clean the kitchen and once everything was done, Mike led her down the hall towards the guestroom.

“Close your eyes,” he said holding her hand as he opened the door, “Alright, now open them.”

Danielle slowly opened her eyes and saw the room that looked almost complete besides the fact that it needed painted and the mural needed to be done.

“Oh my God,” she managed to get out before she wiped the tear away from her eye, “Mike!”

“I got all of the furniture while you were out yesterday. Brooks, Matt, and my dad helped me put it together. Nicky is bringing the rocking chair over as soon as the snow melts a little bit, it’s at his house.”

“I don’t know what to say!”

“You don’t have to say anything,” Mike assured her as he kissed her forehead, “We just have to get the mural done. I didn’t really buy paint; I’m still looking for an artist to do it. I’m going to give my tattoo guy a call and see if he knows anybody good that can come out and do it.”

“Mike…thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” he replied, “Danielle; I’m going to be honest right now. The past three months have been crazy for us but you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

“Neither would I,” Danielle replied as Mike put his hands on her hips and gave her a kiss.

“I’m falling in love with you, Danielle,” he admitted, “I don’t want to scare you off but I’m quickly falling head over heels for you. I’ve never felt this way before.”

Danielle smiled, “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before either.”

Mike smiled and gave her another kiss, “What do you say we call Alex and you can talk his ears off about your costumes for the concert?”

“You’re amazing,” she gushed grabbing Mike’s iPhone out of his hoodie pocket and heading into the living room.

“I love you,” he whispered hoping she’d hear him but she didn’t as she skipped off down the hall talking to Alex on the phone.

A couple of days later, the roads were clear and the snow was slowly melting as the sun glistened down over Arlington. Mike’s family said their goodbyes to Danielle promising to see her soon.

“Kristi and I are heading home to Pittsburgh for a couple of days to visit and we’ll be back the day before the concert. You guys have back to back games against the Lightning and the Panthers down in Florida.”

“I know, I’m leaving with them straight from the airport. Brooks is picking us up. Feel free to take the Escalade if you’d like since it’ll probably go better if you hit snow on the turnpike.”

“Kristi’s bringing Nicky’s truck,” Danielle replied, “We’ll be fine.”

“Alright,” Mike said as Brooks pulled up honking the horn, “I’ll call you when we land.”

“I’ll call you when we get home. If I don’t answer when you call, I’m probably sleeping.”

“Behave yourself,” Mike said giving her a kiss, “I’ll see you when you get back.”

“Good luck and bring home some of that Florida weather,” Danielle said as she waved goodbye to Mike and his family.

Mike had worked with Kristi to plan the trip to Pittsburgh since he had an artist flying in from Toronto to work on the mural in Landon’s room. Kiley was staying at the house while the artist worked on the wall. Kristi texted her letting her know she was on her way to pick her up. Danielle grabbed her duffle bag that she had found in Mike’s closet and bundled herself up before heading outside.

Kristi was just pulling up as Danielle locked the door behind her and the two young women began their trip back to the Steel City. Kristi sent Kiley a text letting her know they were on their way so that she could go to the house.

After arriving back home from his road trip, Mike found Kiley sleeping on the couch. Brooks walked in behind him and flopped down on his fiancée.

“You motherfucker,” Kiley said trying to fight Brooks off of her.

“Come on babe, you know you can’t resist me,” he said as he gave her a kiss. Mike rolled his eyes and walked down the hall and noticed the door had a skull on the door with crisscrossed hockey sticks.

Slowly opening the door, Mike saw that the entire room was now complete and he thought the mural looked even better than it was supposed to. The room had three red walls and a wall that was made to look like the ice at Verizon Center with a jersey at center ice. The back of a little boy was standing in the runway holding his hand with a matching jersey that read, “Green 52.”

Mike’s heart swelled up with pride as he imagined teaching his son how to skate. The whole fatherhood thing was beginning to be even more exciting to him as time went on. Brooks walked in the room and looked around in awe, “Greener, this looks great.”

“I know, I can’t wait until Danielle sees it.”

“When is she coming back,” Brooks asked.

“Early tomorrow morning then we’re all going to the concert tomorrow night.”

“Kiley and I are going to head out, see you tomorrow,” Brooks said shaking Mike’s hand before leaving.

Mike gave Danielle a call and they talked for a little bit before hanging up so Mike could go to bed.

Danielle arrived home the next day and noticed the skull and crisscrossed hockey sticks on the door and laughed before walking into her and Mike’s bedroom. Mike had his back against the headboard and was watching Sportscenter.

“Hey,” she said giving him a kiss.

“I have a surprise for you,” he replied standing up.

“Oh yeah?”

Mike grabbed her hand and just like the morning a couple of days prior, he led her to the room that was Landon’s.

“I had something done while you were gone,” he said opening the door and Danielle gasped.

“Mike, it’s beautiful,” she said noticing the finished room, “It’s absolutely better than what I imagined. I honestly cannot thank you enough. This is wow.”

“Look at Landon,” Mike said as he pointed to the silhouette of him holding small little boy’s hand as they walked down the runway.

“It’s beautiful,” Danielle replied running her fingers over it, “I’m glad you talked me into the silhouette instead of the big jersey with Landon’s name.”

Danielle gave Mike a hug as they stood in the middle of their son’s room. A knock at the door broke them away from each other and when Mike answered it, Alex bounced in followed by Sasha. They were carrying three garment bags and Mike could only imagine what was in them.

Mike sat in his living room later on that night laughing at Danielle telling Alex and Sasha to sit steal so that she could finish their eyeliner and their hair, “Then they wonder why everyone thinks they’re gay,” he said to himself as Alex complained his eyeliner wasn’t even.

“I’m gonna marry the night, I’m not gonna cry anymore” they all began singing and Mike threw his head back regretting ever getting the tickets.

“Mike,” Danielle said walking down the hall, “We’re ready to go.”

Mike turned around and his eyes went wide in horror as he noticed their outfits, “You all look like freaks.”

Danielle had a rubber steak on her head and she had a fake meat dress on her body with an ultrasound picture on her stomach that had a baby with his hand up like he was a “little monster.” Alex was wearing a feather mohawk and glitter around his eyes with eyeliner while wearing spikes and plat formed boots with tight white pants. Sasha’s outfit was the same and Mike looked at his outfit thanking God he decided to go with the white sweater and jeans. At least he looked normal.

When they got to the Verizon Center, Mike was amazed that the three people he was currently in the car with weren’t the only ones dressed like morons. As they pulled into the player garage, Mike rolled his eyes as Danielle, Alex, and Sasha took pictures with the production trucks with Lady Gaga’s face on them.

When they got inside, Brooks rolled his eyes at the costumes and started laughing before he took pictures of them. He was dressed in skin tight male dominatrix leather thanks to Kiley.

Kiley, Kristi, Nicky, and even Brooks were dressed for the occasion with leather and studs everywhere. Mike was surprised Nicky talked Kristi into going since she hated Lady Gaga.

The show began and Mike wanted to shoot himself by the middle of the concert when Alex and Sasha were semi drunk and were belting out the lyrics to every song with Danielle who danced around the suite.

“Thank God I have ear plugs,” Brooks said sitting next to Mike.

“I’m embarrassed to be in the same suite with them right now.”

Brooks smiled at Mike and patted him on the back as Alex, Sasha, and Danielle sang “Judas” at the top of their lungs like idiots.

The last song of the night was “The Edge of Glory” and Danielle came over to Mike and gave him a hug, “Thank you so much for bringing me, I’ve had a really great time.”

Mike couldn’t deny that although he wanted to kill himself throughout the entire concert, the look on Danielle’s face was priceless.

“You’re welcome,” he whispered in her ear. Danielle turned around to go back to her seat when Mike wrapped his arms around her from behind with his hands on her stomach and Danielle danced against him to the song.

When the song was in the middle of the saxophone solo and the chorus started again, Mike whispered the three words that he had been dying to say to Danielle since his family was in town.

As Lady Gaga sang about being on the edge of glory and hanging on a moment of truth while being on the edge with the person she loved, Danielle felt her heart race as the three words slipped off of Mike’s tongue, “I love you, Danielle.”

Danielle turned around and wrapped her arms around him, “I love you too,” she replied giving him a kiss.

Something, something about just knowing when it’s right
There’s something about baby Yoü and I